I work in hi-tech and am a software engineer by training—but I also love stories and books and storytelling. Maybe that’s why I enjoy spending time with customers, learning about what they’re doing with their data, and sharing stories about how StorNext has helped other users with demanding workflows.

So when the opportunity came up to help “remodel” the StorNext 5 scale-out storage web pages on Quantum.com, I jumped at the chance. I did this in spite of the recent remodel on my house. I did this in spite of the fact that I knew it would be a ton more work than originally described. It always is. Remodels evolve and expand and before you know it you’re tearing down the living room walls.

So why did I sign up for this? Because I love telling the StorNext 5 story. It’s satisfying to see a customer sit up straighter in their chair when the light bulb goes off, when they grasp what StorNext can do for them. To see them lean forward when they figure out how StorNext can address their challenges managing high-performance workflows, at scale, within budget. Without dropping a packet. Without dropping a frame.

This week we rolled out a new and compelling set of StorNext 5 Scale-out Storage pages on our Quantum dot com website.  If you already know and love StorNext 5, I hope you will think we did it justice. If you are wondering what StorNext 5 is, I hope the new pages answer your questions—clearly and cogently. And if you already know what StorNext 5 is but need more info, I hope you find the site useful. Either way, let us know what works and what doesn’t, so we can keep raising the bar.

We organized the five new StorNext web pages around the “Building Blocks” of the StorNext architecture. There is a Scale-out Storage Family Page that gives an overview of the entire product family, as well as product detail pages for each of the 4 building blocks:

Of course, Media & Entertainment customers can still go to StorNext.com to find what they need about StorNext Pro Solutions for M&E — our solutions designed for M&E workflows in post and broadcast, as well as sports video and corporate video.

But now the rest of our Quantum customers have a modern set of pages that tell the StorNext 5 story, in workflows outside of M&E such as Government, Geospatial, Cybersecurity, Life Sciences, Video Surveillance, and Science & Engineering.

Find out why over 100,000 users have relied on StorNext. See how we are focused on enabling the most demanding workflows—and solving the world’s most difficult data management challenges.  What you do is important. You push the edges of genomic research, and you protect our health. You make movies, and you entertain. You monitor our planet’s weather, and you protect our troops. Every single day, many of you change the world. Those of us on the StorNext 5 team are proud to play a role in your efforts.

Want to Learn More?

Visit our the new Scale-out Storage Family Page on Quantum.com.

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