By now I’ve participated in quite a few lab validations with industry analysts, many of them testing the DXi-Series. It has been interesting to see the progression of the DXi as deduplication has evolved to take a more vital role in data center workflows, extending data protection to the cloud. Recently Storage magazine/ awarded the DXi6900 the Silver medal in the 2014 Products of the Year backup hardware category, adding to the industry recognition the DXi has garnered since its introduction, and highlighting the role of the StorNext 5 file system in the appliance.

Industry analyst Tony Palmer with ESG Lab recently put the DXi6900 through its paces in lab testing. Tony has conducted more DXi lab validations than anyone, and he truly understands the deduplication marketplace, so we value his perspective.

Tony observed, “Quantum continues to excel at providing flexible, robust, high performance data protection. With the DXi6900, Quantum enables customers to retain more data for fast and reliable restores and longer retention periods while minimizing impact on backups, and its tiered storage approach ensures data resides on storage matched to its business value. Comprehensive infrastructure management and analytics provided by Quantum tie the global environment together into a single, manageable entity.”

Some of the key findings from ESG’s report are worth highlighting:

Sustained Performance

ESG Lab validated that Quantum’s DXi6902 could sustain 16.3TB per hour of multithreaded enterprise backup throughput.

Benefits of Variable-Length over Fixed-Length Dedupe

Quantum DXi variable-length deduplication provided 85% data reduction for both structured and unstructured data, using full and incremental backup schedules, compared to just 50% for the fixed-length deduplication method tested. Greater data reduction results in easier integration into an organization’s existing backup environment and substantial disk capacity and network bandwidth savings.

StorNext Advantage

The StorNext file system’s intelligent metadata management, storage optimized for balanced performance, data integrity checking and Dynamic Disk Pools technology work together to improve availability and performance.

Simple Scalability

With “pay-as-you-grow” scalability, capacity can be added with a simple license key, reducing the complexity of capacity and performance planning.

Want to Read More?

Check out the complete ESG report “Quantum DXi6900 Deduplication Appliance, Powered by StorNext 5” at

Is there really a difference between Fixed-block and Variable-length dedupe? Learn more and download the White Paper here.

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