A t this year’s IBC, we were demonstrating the latest version of our Cantemo Portal Media Asset Management (MAM) solution. The demands of media delivery have evolved drastically over recent years, with more and more organizations producing often large volumes of video content for a range of uses. As that media landscape evolves, so too must the enabling tools, such as the MAM systems. Our vision with Cantemo Portal has always been about creating a flexible MAM that can be adapted to work well for anyone producing video, from the small company producing a few marketing videos to the big broadcasters juggling millions of assets and multiple versions. We built Portal to be modular, so that different modules can be added on according to individual needs. Therefore, integration with other ends of the chain is a fundamental part of delivering an end-to-end solution for each of our customers.

Naturally with increasing numbers of media files being created, effective storage solutions are becoming increasingly important. Quantum StorNext provides great flexibility and performance for media workflows. By integrating Cantemo Portal with StorNext, our users can automate migration of content based on policies to more cost-effective long-term storage within Quantum. At the same time however those files can still be accessed via Cantemo Portal when needed. Files can be stored and archived within the tiered storages or restored from those storages, either based on simple manual actions or using automated metadata triggers and other notifications. For the user, it means the files will simply be in the right place at the right time.

Ease of use is also an important part of the Cantemo vision and our latest version, Cantemo Portal 2.1 is all about improving that ease of use even further. As well as being able to fully customize the dashboard, we have introduced some new Frameworks to make integration with those other solutions easier.

Quantum StorNext Cantemo Portal
StorNext Metadata Controller

One of those, the Cantemo Archive Framework enables an easier and much more unified integration with StorNext, making life much easier for third parties than trying to integrate direct on the low-level API. Essentially, for third parties trying to integrate a new app, it means that much of the ground-work has already been done in line with the rest of the product, meaning the integrator can focus on implementing the specifics, like read and write functions.

The other thing we wanted to achieve with this framework is ensuring a unified approach and look and feel. By using a framework, two different customers can have different integrations but the software will look the same, except for any specific branding choices. It also means that you can ensure the same ease of navigation and workflow throughout the entire software.

This proven combined solution is already being successfully used by a number of clients across the globe, including The Guardian News & Media, where systems integrator, NMR, upgraded the digital video infrastructure to include Cantemo Portal. You can find out more about that project from the video below.

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