I know a lot of folks think the big contest this time of year is the Super Bowl playoffs. In Quantum’s Denver, Bay Area and Seattle offices we’re sporting the colors of the Broncos, 49ers and Seahawks, with just a bit of friendly trash talk to kick off conference calls. Perhaps you know someone rooting for New England – I don’t.  But if you care about data storage, the other big contest is Storage Magazine’s Product of the Year Awards. The award serves as an annual reminder of what the storage community found important, promising, and profitable.

This year’s award finalists include a cross-section of Quantum products spanning scale-out shared storage and the data center, highlighting the breadth of innovation from the company over the last year. For 2013, four Quantum products – more than any other vendor among the finalists – have been selected in three award categories.

Collectively, the products highlighted in these categories demonstrate the importance of a tiered solution that matches the cost of storage to the value of data. Each finalist in its own way illustrates how Quantum is helping customers rethink their approach to data protection and archive. It’s also gratifying to see Quantum innovations – the erasure code based object storage found in Lattus, or the “pay-as-you-grow” scalability found in the DXi6800 – get a turn in the industry spotlight. We see an exciting future for object storage, active archive, virtualized data protection, and backup solutions that are optimized to work in increasingly off-premise storage environments. Clearly, Storage Magazine agrees.

I like the approach Storage takes to arriving at the category winners. They cull through piles of submissions from vendors, talk to industry analysts and experts, and get feedback from end users. The result is subjective, but it is one of the best barometers you can find for gauging what matters the most to the storage community in the areas of innovation, performance, integration, manageability, functionality and value.

The winners will be announced in the February issue, so you’ll want to have plenty of beer and Buffalo wings on hand for announcement day. With four products in the running, I’ll be rooting for all of them…in my Broncos jacket.

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For more on Storage Magazine’s selection of Quantum products for Product of the Year finalists,read our newest release. 

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