Got content? Then you need storage.

Like the Gecko commercial says, “Everyone knows that.” But does everyone know what type of storage they really need? Do they really know what questions they should ask to avoid potential content workflow disasters? Get the answers to the right questions at the Creative Storage Conference.

The Creative Storage Conference, held once a year and hosted by Tom Coughlin, a well-known media industry and storage analyst, focuses on the changing needs and development for professional production storage. The conference brings together digital storage providers, software manufacturers, broadcast and production professionals. It is a great networking experience where you can meet industry experts, get advice and gain new contacts all in one day.

At the conference be sure to check out the keynote by Alex Grossman, Quantum’s VP of Media & Entertainment. Alex’s keynote is highly anticipated and called “The Smarter Cloud for Media: More Than Compute and Storage – True Post and Broadcast Production Workflow.”

Alex will reveal Quantum’s recent work in leveraging the cloud for real productivity. You will learn how workflow environments have had to evolve quickly to adapt to the pressure that teams face in delivering more content in new formats with widely dispersed teams. Above all, Alex will highlight the reasons behind the common complaint that the public cloud is lacking in what media and entertainment customers really need.

Here are some of the important questions that Alex will answer:

  • How do you pull together a single, cohesive workflow from widely distributed environments across multiple offices and locations?
  • Is it possible to collaborate with incoming content from multiple locations, and deliver that content to still more locations and formats?
  • How do you turn the ‘always-on, instant delivery’ expectation to your advantage in this environment?
  • How do you get the most usage and efficiency from these dispersed, even global workflows and eliminate data migration and multiple, wasteful copies?

There is a lot you can gain by going to the conference. Whether its learning, or learning AND networking, you’ll be sure to leave the event feeling more confident about your team’s future needs and ask the right questions about true cloud-enabled workflows.

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