T he apparatus of security is something that can be easily taken for granted. We may grumble about taking our shoes off at an airport security line, or having our bag searched on the way into a concert, but we largely accept these inconveniences as the price of security.  The infrastructure that is necessary to make us all feel secure in order to conduct business, travel, and live our lives freely is vastly more complex than many of us typically think about.

At the ASIS International 61st Annual Seminar and Exhibits last week in Anaheim the world’s experts in security management gathered to share insights on what it takes to mitigate risk and maintain security.  These are the guys who think about security every day and never take it for granted. Experts presented on topics such as “The Future Effects of Rapidly Changing Security Technology” and “Living the New Normal of Sophisticated and Determined Attackers.” I listened to the head of security at The Mall of America describe behavior detection and assessment, and how they have responded when the mall was specifically mentioned in a terrorist threat video. He recounted some specific successes you probably haven’t heard about because security successes don’t make the news – security failures do.

Quantum was at ASIS this year to talk about how intelligent storage enables next generation video surveillance and security solutions. The experts who stopped by our booth are grappling with how to implement the proliferation of high-resolution and multi-sensor surveillance cameras now available, and how to affordably store the data they collect and keep it available for analysis. For the end user, Quantum’s tiered approach to managing storage is designed to be simple, while the underlying technology is actually quite sophisticated.

Quantum’s ecosystem of partners were there as well. Milestone  invited Quantum to share space in their booth to demonstrate the integration of our storage system with their video management system. 3VR announced integration of their enterprise video management software with Quantum multi-tier storage solutions.  Axis Communications was there with an astounding array of surveillance camera systems on display. Genetec was on hand talking about their unified approach to security, as customers demand increased levels of connectivity between security systems, devices, and other business systems.

Look for more news from Quantum this year as we solve more of these complex problems with our partners and deliver intelligent storage that enables the next generation of video surveillance and security solutions.

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