I n the age of the exploding Galaxy S7 and Spotify cyber attacks, I’d like to take a moment to salute a workhorse in my personal technology stable — my iPod. Since 1998, this little beauty has been humming along with the same battery (!) on ski days, backpacking trips, trail runs, bike rides, and cross-country flights. It carries over 4,000 songs hand-curated, primarily from the (ahem) Boulder Public Library. It helps me save the battery life on my iPhone and keeps me in music when I’m out of reach for Pandora or Spotify. Yes, the Amazon Echo is amazing, but the content on my old iPod still has value, and there’s still a place for it in my multi-tiered music strategy. You have to appreciate technology that just works.

Quantum’s recently launched new Scalar® platform is the latest addition to our multi-tier portfolio — workflow, hybrid flash, object-based, cloud, and tape storage — to help customers maximize the value of their data in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. I won’t overdo my iPod comparison — I don’t want to provoke our Scalar product marketing manager to come at me with a pitchfork — but, tape is another technology that just works. In the lead-up to the Scalar platform launch, we sat down with leading industry analysts to discuss why Quantum is continuing to develop tape offerings — after all, we’re a bit of an outlier here. But, for a number of hot new use cases, tape is turning out to be a vital part of a long-term retention strategy, particularly for unstructured data:

  • Autonomous Car Design: Tape is proving to be indispensable for researchers pouring through mountains of sensor data. Tape is just 25% of the cost of a scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution, and it scales to multi-petabytes quickly and easily.
  • Video Surveillance: Many security and video surveillance installations today are threatened with being overwhelmed by new high-definition cameras, multiple sensors, and the increasing availability of highly sophisticated analytics. Tape is key to bringing down the overall cost of storage — saving more budget for other elements of the surveillance infrastructure.
  • In-House Video Production: Media and entertainment companies keeping pace with the transition to 4K workflows require solutions that can handle high-performance ingest without dropping frames, and the combination of Xcellis™ high-performance workflow storage for the fast ingest of content, combined with tape for low-cost archive storage, gives customers the best of both worlds managed under a single platform.
  • Cloud Service Providers: Tape provides the lowest cost medium available to enable new cold-storage service offerings.

With all of these emerging use cases, more experts are extolling the practical utility of the medium.  “Tape continues to represent an extremely viable option as a low-cost storage platform for large-scale, unstructured data,” notes Steven Hill, senior storage analyst, The 451 Group. “Using a combination of fast and dense LTO-7 plus a highly efficient library design, Quantum’s new Scalar platform focuses on giving tape libraries a far more flexible and intelligent role in the long-term protection, management, and accessibility of unstructured data.”

Joseph Ortiz, senior analyst with Storage Switzerland, observes, “These new additions to Quantum’s comprehensive storage portfolio provide organizations with advanced data management features that simplify and automate the tasks of data lifecycle management while also ensuring the integrity and durability of data on tape. Organizations that plan to deploy a private cloud — or that may already have one — should take a close look at the new Scalar platform from Quantum. It can provide them with a very cost-effective means to meet unstructured data challenges.”

To read Storage Switzerland’s Product Spotlight on the new Scalar platform, visit http://www.quantum.com/products/tapelibraries/index.aspx#report.

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