L et’s go back a few months ago. I know that’s a long time in storage years, but my colleague Geoff Stedman – Sr. Vice President of StorNext Solutions – wrote an excellent blog called “Will the Real Solution Please Stand Up?” Geoff argued that most storage companies don’t understand that “storage by itself is not a solution. Neither is a media management application. Nor is an editing application. By themselves, they’re just products.”

He’s right of course. Storing data is easy (well, not that easy). But turning it into meaningful business value requires technology partners that know how to integrate well and create something bigger. Customers want products that can create a real solution to a real problem.

That’s the Quantum approach and that’s why we’re so excited for this year’s VMworld.  We’re “Kicking the Cartel” and helping companies break free from traditional, old school ways of storing and protecting data. By partnering with Veeam, we’re maximizing performance and availability for virtual environments. We all know the way people access data is changing – with access patterns and virtual workloads are becoming less predictable. That’s why Veeam Backup and Replication and Quantum tiered backup storage solutions offer an easy, powerful way to protect VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Quantum Veeam Backup Application Data Protection

With a portfolio that includes high performance DXi deduplication appliances for fast backups and Instant VM Recovery in minutes, to tape for low cost long term retention, or QXS hybrid storage for those customers that leverage application-based data reduction, Quantum’s tiered storage portfolio enables customers to maximize performance and availability while balancing storage costs.

Companies of all sizes face a variety of technical challenges that are forcing them to rethink how they approach storing and protecting their virtual data. So what does a Veeam and Quantum solution look like? It looks like:

  • Cutting your storage bill by reducing backup application and storage costs
  • Dramatically improving backup windows and performing Instant VM Recovery in minutes
  • Encrypted replication of deduplicated data
  • Minimizing network bandwidth usage when replicating across sites or to the cloud

If it’s time for your organization to break free from paying $2,500 per TB for backup software, stop by the Quantum booth at VMworld. We’ll show you how to create a different approach to storage that centers on the highest performance and the lowest TCO.  We’ll be showcasing all of our technology at VMworld too, including our QXS hybrid storage for VM primary storage  and our Artico NAS appliance for archiving. Sign up to meet with the Quantum Storage Experts at the show and you could win an Apple Watch too. See you at the show.

Want to Win an Apple Watch?

Sign up to meet with out team of Storage Experts at VMworld and you could win an Apple Watch. Register here.

Apple Watch Quantum VMworld
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