As you may have heard already, there’s exciting news today in the object storage marketplace:  Western Digital Corp., a leader in storage technology, announced that its HGST subsidiary is acquiring Amplidata, Quantum’s object storage technology partner.  We’re happy for Amplidata and looking forward to expanded partnership opportunities with WDC and the HGST group.

As a reminder, Quantum announced in 2012 that we were leveraging the performance and availability of Amplidata’s object storage technology by embedding it in our Lattus family of unique active archive solutions.  Since that time, many Quantum customers have been able to increase the value of their data by extending cost-effective online access to massive volumes (PBs) of information.

This announcement is great news for three reasons.

First, it is a reflection of the value of the core Amplidata technology.  I am fairly certain that – like Quantum – WDC/HGST chose Amplidata’s technology for its differentiated performance, efficiency and robustness.  We’ve been very pleased with our choice, which has delivered a strong foundation inside Quantum’s Lattus product family.

Second, the acquisition means Quantum will now have a partner with not only greater resources but also the ability to leverage innovative new flash and disk technologies.  So I’m looking forward to seeing how WDC/HGST takes advantage of these strengths with regard to the Amplidata technology.

Finally, today’s announcement is a sign of the strength and maturation of the commercial market for object storage.  While cloud service vendors have been broad users of object storage for years, their platforms are proprietary, used only to deliver their cloud services.  The broader enterprise market, served by a handful of vendors, has been growing, as enterprise customers have discovered they need to leverage the same core values of object storage as the cloud service providers: immense scalability, strong (and long-term) data resilience,  and global data access.  The acquisition of Amplidata can be viewed a sign that this market has reached a tipping point of value to the commercial market in general.

But the full delivery of value from these offerings is still somewhat limited by the need for object storage to be integrated with customer applications and workflows.  Despite the plethora of announcements this past year in NAS-to-object gateways, customers are still working their way through how to fully leverage the new write protocols required by object storage.

Quantum Object Storage Amplidata Lattus Storage
Amplidata Quantum Object Storage Lattus

Quantum’s Lattus customers and ISV partners have been freed from this requirement, as the integration of Lattus with our StorNext data management gives these customers a native and fully automated platform.  StorNext/Lattus customers and ISV partners are thereby leveraging the power of object storage to extend online storage to non-real-time workflow operations – without any application changes or major system disruption.  In turn, this has delivered a rapid ROI for customers interested in monetizing older media content, in accessing “limitless” archived content on demand without human intervention, and in offering lower cost global access to business information.

And – moving forward – as new innovations in disk and flash become available, these same Lattus customers will be able to take advantage of them.  Quantum’s model of integrating object storage technology inside a scalable and open solution platform means the investments these customers are making today will serve them well into the future!

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