Recent news reports have shined a big bright light on some very public cybersecurity breaches. And more organizations are asking: Could this happen to me? Am I doing enough to protect my business from a breach? Have I already been hacked—and I just don’t know it yet?

There is a growing sense that a cyber attack is inevitable—a  sense that traditional signature-based defenses are insufficient. As a result, organizations are increasingly adopting next-generation security solutions— that will help them to detect, investigate, and resolve the inevitable cyber attack.

One technique for reducing the Mean-Time-To-Resolution of a security breach is called network forensics. It involves the capture & preservation of network traffic data, so that if you discover an intrusion, you have the historical traffic data you need for forensic analysis, to investigate exactly what was sent, to whom, and when.

So what does scale-out storage have to do with cybersecurity and network forensics?

The information workflow for network forensics depends on fast capture & cost-effective preservation of data. So you don’t drop packets. So you know the network traffic data will be there when you need it. So you don’t have to preserve everything on primary disk and can instead use policies to tier data to different types of storage. Fast capture and cost-effective data preservation—at the petascale—well, that’s the wheelhouse for Quantum StorNext 5! To help customers combat cybersecurity threats, Quantum has rolled out a new cybersecurity solution in partnership with nPulse Technologies (recently acquired by FireEye).

The network forensics offering from nPulse and Quantum combines the industry’s fastest lossless packet capture from nPulse with StorNext 5 scale-out storage, which has been proven in the most demanding information workflows in Media & Entertainment, Government, Geospatial, Life Sciences, and Oil & Gas.

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Check out our cybersecurity page to find out more about Quantum’s Powerful Cybersecurity Solution for Network Forensics.

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