T he theme for Quantum’s presence next week at NAB is all about “Power What’s Next”.  The messaging plays along the line of being ready in your storage infrastructure to handle the next big change in your content workflow.  We’ve known about the impact of 4K or even 6K on storage infrastructures and are now even learning about how HDR significantly impacts storage performance requirements.  What this means for you, is that you need to envision your environment three years from now when you make storage refresh decisions today. At NAB , Quantum will show you how to Power what’s Next in collaboration with some of our key Quantum Advantage Partners.

One of the “what’s next” areas, Quantum has been investing in, with its new Xcellis platform is convergence.  Xcellis is the third generation workflow manager that Quantum released last October.  In addition to supporting multiple primary storage infrastructures (SSD, SAS, NL SAS), multiple operating environments for clients connecting (Linux, Windows and Mac via Xsan), networking (SAN, NAS and DLC) as well as secondary tiers (tape, object, public cloud), Quantum has progressed the converged platform one step further with  a preview of the new Xcellis Dynamic Application Environment at NAB 2016.

The Xcellis Dynamic Application Environment, or “Embedded Xcellis” as it is affectionately known internally at Quantum, enables third party applications to run in a KVM Hypervisor virtualized environment directly on the Xcellis Workflow Director nodes therefore streamlining workflows and simplifying deployments.  This new capability is perfect for utilities and mid-range or lower impact or mid-market applications that benefit from close proximity to storage and may not warrant a separate stand-alone server – bringing the applications closer to the storage, and eliminating the need for the additional complexity of everything that goes with added server nodes, including networking, storage connectivity (e.g. FC HBAs), and management in addition reduced print.

This Dynamic Application Environment will be a licensable feature.  A portion of the Xcellis core CPU and resources would still be dedicated to normal Xcellis operations, but the remaining CPU cores, memory and local disk would be free to be dedicated to the consolidated applications within your workflow.

At the start of NAB, eight key Quantum Advantage technology partners  already committed to delivering embedded applications via the Xcellis Dynamic Application Environment – ranging from media asset management to transcoding to content distribution.  Vendors include Aspera, Cantemo, CatDV, Evolphin, Focalpoint Server, IPV, Metus, and Telestream. Quantum has been working with each vendor to test and optimize their applications on the converged Xcellis platform.

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Want to learn more about what Quantum plans to showcase at NAB Show 2016? Visit http://www.stornext.com/nab2016/ to learn more.

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