Self-driving cars. Self-filling pantries and refrigerators. Been there, done that.
Commercial flights to the moon. Coming soon.
Cure for Zika virus. That would be awesome.
Computers with personalities. Finding life on other planets. Scary.
Global monetary system. Accurate weather prediction. Novel concepts.
Pokémon GO. Yawn.

What do all these different things have in common? They’re the result of work being done in today’s data centers. Artificial intelligence, genome sequencing, space exploration, geophysical research, autonomous controls, augmented reality, and many other recent developments are changing our world every day.

Quantum’s customers are developing these current and future technological solutions. It takes an incredible amount of data to fuel the research and development of what’s coming next in the world. Data — and your data center— is the foundation for all of it. We know how precious your data is and how important it is for you to protect it. We understand the challenges of needing fast access to all of it. And we know how much it costs to store it all.

So What’s Next for the Data Center?

Now available — cost effective data storage solutions that deliver comprehensive protection, access, performance, and infinite scale. Quantum’s next-generation solutions can manage this data over time in a way that no other provider can — helping our customers develop new innovations, discoveries, and drive their businesses forward into the future.

Visit us at VMworld August 28–31 to see how Quantum is delivering storage for tomorrow’s applications. Meet with us at booth #2139, and you’ll be entered to win a free Oculus Rift. For more details, visit

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