As a marketing professional for over 20 years, I’ve seen many trends come and go. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the overwhelming sense of accomplishment you feel when your marketing message resonates with customers – when you hear them play back your value proposition in their own words with tangible examples of how you’re enabling business growth. It’s a victory that says we listened, we heard correctly, and we nailed it. This is especially true when you’re carving a new direction, such as launching a new offering that challenges the legacy way of doing business.

I recently had one of those experiences when a group of Quantum folks had dinner with one of our customers, the fastest growing sports organization in the world. First of all, I need to mention that this particular IT team really embraces their role in enabling revenue growth. They are actively engaged with the decision makers and are innovating to help the company deliver a compelling content experience to consumers. Forget Shadow IT, these guys are a great example of Active IT (look for a coming blog on that topic).

But along with this organization’s innovation comes stringent requirements on their partners, of which I’m proud to say that Quantum is one. They’ve incorporated Quantum gear at each of the stages of their content workflow, including Lattus object storage to extend their online repository, and I was looking forward to hearing their take on how we were doing.

Now, I’ll be frank. Getting feedback on new offerings like object storage is always enlightening, often inspiring, and sometimes character building. Was the value understood? Was it differentiated and compelling? Did we properly train our field team and channel partners? In this case, it blew me away how this IT team had internalized the value of the solution and applied it very specifically to their workflow.

At the center of the discussion was how they needed to keep the content available in a new tier of storage for re-monetization. In their business, change is a daily occurrence. They constantly run into situations where older content needs to be accessed and combined with new content for distribution. They needed to extend their online storage environment to keep data accessible, and traditional IT storage (RAID, tape, and flash) could not fully meet their requirements.

Now I’m at least 99% certain that we highlight these specific value props on our website and in our solution materials, but this customer’s examples really brought our marketing to life. They provided many tangible and specific examples of how these capabilities applied to their workflow to drive revenue expansion and acceleration. I was inspired by their story about how they were driving business breakthroughs with the help of Quantum products. And yep, the marketing message held up. Almost like it was planned that way!

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