After publishing my blog yesterday on the need for application support of object storage to break the logjam in adoption….it occurs to me that some of you may be asking the question:  “Janae, if object storage really is so cool and the gap in object storage adoption is data mover application providers writing to this new technology, why haven’t these developers quickly moved to fill this gap?”

Well, I understand that some are working on this development – but I believe the majority may be concerned about the risk of application maintenance.  Yesterday, I highlighted the fact that once Quantum began providing a complete stack of standard application interface PLUS data movement technology (via StorNext Storage Manager), our partner and customer adoption ramp accelerated.  But to be frank, we have the advantage of being able to implement our integration (under the covers) with a well-defined set of object storage commands over which we have a fair amount of influence.

Others are not so lucky.  In fact, there really isn’t a fixed set of object storage APIs available in the market today.  Open Stack is far from complete.  When someone at the Next Gen Object Storage Summit brought up SNIA CDMI, the audience hooted; this API has not, to date, gotten cross-industry adoption.  The best candidate for a stable API today is, in fact, Amazon S3.  But while Amazon has released this specification, they have in no way agreed to stabilize it for the good of the general technology community – this API is about driving business to Amazon, not enabling other people to create private cloud technologies to compete with them.  And so, were I a general data mover application provider considering how to enable my application across this new space, and considering the maintenance costs of managing  multiple changing APIs (including some which might not end up surviving, at least not as currently defined), I’m not sure WHAT I would do.  I might, in fact, wait to see how the APIs shake out…….

Which may be the answer to the question – why aren’t data mover application providers racing to enable more object storage?


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Find out more about Quantum’s Lattus Object Storage technology here. 

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