W e could spend our days reading nothing but analyst reports, independent articles, and vendor white papers that cover the market and specific products as we try to understand what is coming next and how we are going to deal with it. But that wouldn’t leave much time for our day jobs. Check out the analyses from Gartner and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) below for the “Cliff Notes” version of why Quantum QXS™ should make the short list of products you consider for your next disk purchase.

One report that vendors, resellers, integrators, and users all make time for is the annual Gartner Magic Quadrant. This tends to be the place to go to for a snapshot on who is up and coming, and where others are losing ground.  As vendor strategy, development focus, and value-add investment continually change, Gartner does a great job of summarizing the trends. The latest Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays validates for users which vendors are maintaining their innovation and vision focus for a wide variety of storage applications. Check out a couple of current Gartner Magic Quadrant reviews at The Register and StorageNewsletter.com.

Decisions are often made as to which vendors will be on the “short list” based on their position in the Magic Quadrant. Often this is a good way to quickly cut through all the noise and narrow down the options, so you can perform detailed analysis or even a proof of concept. I am pleased that Quantum QXS flash hybrid storage has entered the Magic Quadrant in a very strong position. Being recognized as a Challenger means that Quantum’s disk strategy poses a significant threat to the incumbent Leaders.  The storage market needs cost-effective, easy to deploy, reliable storage solutions for the rapidly growing set of applications and data under management. QXS entered the Magic Quadrant in a strong position this year as a new technology that is solving the data center challenges of today’s users.

Another analyst, ESG, takes a very different approach: they actually sit down with a product and put it through its paces. ESG performed a detailed test of QXS. The Enterprise Strategy Group Lab Validation Report states that customers can get enterprise-class features and performance at midrange price points. We believe this combination helped us obtain the Challenger position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report.

The Quantum QXS-4 Series with Q-Tier and Q-Tools is a high-density hybrid storage system that delivers enterprise-class features and performance at midrange price points. The new and improved software capabilities of Q-Tier and Q-Tools and the flash-optimized QXS-4 Series high-density hardware platform cost-effectively addresses the data growth and performance challenges associated with a wide variety of applications and workloads including server virtualization, high-performance computing (HPC), media and entertainment, surveillance, big data, and analytics.

—Enterprise Strategy Group Lab Validation Report (2015): Quantum QXS-4 Hybrid Storage with Q-Tier and Q-Tools

QXS flash hybrid storage is designed for large unstructured data, random data, and as a target for large backups. Many customers use QXS flash hybrid storage with Q-Tier—a real-time, automatic, and intelligent tiering application for intensive data analytics. Q-Tier scans all the data, scores it, and if necessary, moves it based on the actual usage of the data. This scoring, scanning, and moving occurs every 5 seconds with almost no impact on performance.

Quantum flash hybrid storage with Q-Tier enables 90% of all-flash-like performance at 30% of the cost—a key factor for our customers, and one of the reasons it earned the Challenger position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Complementing the real-time, automated tiering functionality found in Q-Tier is a critical processing feature we call Q-Turbo. Q-Turbo simultaneous writes to both the active-active controllers, which provides up to a 50% ingestion improvement over traditional methods. This 50% increase in ingestion speed is perfect for reducing those ever-increasing backup windows. Q-Tier and Q-Turbo are both unique to the QXS flash hybrid architecture. Gartner clients can review the Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays today, and then check out Quantum’s flash hybrid solution here.

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