Back when I was in a business writing class at college, I remember the professor telling us that the one word we should never use was the word “Issue”. His argument was that it was a word that could at the same time mean almost anything and yet means nothing. “What is an ‘issue’? If you have to explain what you mean, shouldn’t you just say that in the first place?” he would instruct us.

I wonder if we are at the same point with the word “Solution.” Now there’s a word that has become one full of “issues.” It can mean anything and yet means nothing by itself. Everyone claims they offer a solution, even if their “solution” doesn’t really solve anyone’s problem.

And yes, even here at Quantum, I think we could be accused (rightly, in my opinion) of perhaps using the word “solution” too loosely. The good news is that I think we recognize what truly creates a solution to customer problems and are doing what it takes to make the word solution meaningful again. When I think of what a solution should be, I start at the end…what problem needs to be solved? What is it that our customers are trying to do and how can we help them get there as quickly, easily and productively as possible? When you answer these questions, you quickly realize that the solution in the mind of the customer is not any one product or another. The solution to their challenge lies in the integration of many products all working together.

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Storage by itself is not a solution. Neither is a media management application. Nor is an editing application. By themselves, they are just products. But customers don’t want products, they want “solutions.” If you put these products together, you can give the customer what they want…a solution to their problem…provided they all work well together.

That’s why we today introduced the Quantum Advantage program. It is a program that enables our technology partners to work closely together with Quantum for the sole purpose of creating great solutions in the market. At Quantum, we have long worked closely with technology partners and today’s program launch takes our commitment and support to partners to a whole new level. The goal of the program is to enable the kind of collaboration necessary to create truly differentiated solutions to our mutual customer problems. And once we have a “solution”, we can align our go-to-market efforts to tell a more coordinated story…one that makes the word “solution” actually mean something again.

Want to Learn More About the Quantum Advantage Program?

Click here to visit the Quantum Technology Partner Portal where you will discover why technology partners join forces with Quantum and a list of Advantage Partners who can help you with your demanding workflow. If you are a technology company interested in joining Quantum Advantage, click here to download the brochure.

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  • Ken Carandang

    I truly believe in the statement that storage, servers, infrastructure components, and software are mere products. Making these ‘components’ work together to address a customer challenge makes them a Solution.

  • Michael Constantine

    In general, there are a number of overused, misused and abused terms in the technology field. Solutions might be one of the biggest. A standalone product is not a solution. It takes companies like Quantum along with partners, to combine multiple technologies that solve real customer problems.

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