The Top 5 Surveillance Webinars of 2016

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In 2017, video surveillance will capture nearly 6000PB of data, and by 2019 3.3 trillion hours of surveillance video will be captured daily (IHS Markit). As the amount of video being produced increases, camera resolutions improve, and retention times become longer, it’s imperative to understand how video storage is at the foundation of this transformation. Watch our on-demand webinars to learn how Quantum’s multi-tier storage solutions can scale with changing storage demands. Check out the Top 5 Surveillance Webinars of 2016:

  1. Solutions for Rising Video Surveillance Storage Demands
    Presenters: Wayne Arvidson, Quantum; Vince Ricco, Axis Communications; Reinier Tuinzing, Milestone Systems; and Josh Woodhouse, IHS
  2. The Cost Shift Model for Video Storage and Data Management
    Presenter: Brian Morsch, Quantum
  3. How to Avoid the High Cost of Cloud Storage
    Presenters: Randy Lack, Quantum and Lt. Frank Borelli (retired), Cygnus Law Enforcement Group
  4. Aiding Healthcare Organizations Tackle Security Challenges
    Presenters: Wayne Arvidson, Quantum; Paul Baratta, Axis Communications; Mickey Watson, Sarasota Hospital
  5. The Future of Surveillance in Transportation & Why Data Management Matters
    Presenters: Wayne Arvidson, Quantum and Shawn Enides, Genetec

What’s in store for 2017? Learn more about Quantum’s solutions for video surveillance on our solutions page.

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