Deduplication is Key to Protecting and Reducing Data in the Zettabyte Age

The digital transformation ‘future’ is here. We’re creating more data than ever before with data trending to be near the double-digit zettabyte zone by 2025. It’s important to take steps now to address the deluge of data. One of the most effective ways to take control is to deduplicate all that is redundant and only […]

Four Reasons Why you Need a Modern File System for Media Workflows

In media and entertainment, it’s often difficult to meet even the basic requirements for data storage. You need to ingest content quickly, provide fast access to that content, facilitate collaboration, and cost-effectively preserve and protect content over the long term. But as viewing habits are changing, and the creative process continues to evolve, meeting the […]

The Latest Buzz from the Front Lines of the Media Industry

Those who have attended IBC in Amsterdam at some point in their career know that participating in the show is like briefly transplanting oneself into an alternate universe for 5 days.  What the rest of the world knows as Friday, Saturday, Sunday becomes IBC Day 1, IBC Day 2, IBC Day 3, etc.  Maneuvering between […]

The Promise of HCI for Video Surveillance

Within the last decade we’ve witnessed a surge in video surveillance driven by a proliferation of high-definition, low-priced cameras with greater intelligence, and the emergence of highly sophisticated analytical tools and AI that require enormous volumes of data and long retention times. The data collected by security cameras is suddenly much more valuable, providing a […]

Quantum Rebooted

Today marks a new morning for Quantum. With our announcement of first-quarter earnings for the fiscal year 2020, Quantum celebrates the completion of a transformative journey. The result? A lean and nimble company poised for growth. Any company approaching the 40-year mark is bound to have gone through some evolutionary stages. In our case we […]

The “Chill Factor” in a Secured Backup and Archive Solution

The topic of data growth and security continues to be a challenge for many organizations. The question to “air-gap” or not to “air-gap” is consistently being posed across all industries as they think about a solid backup and archive strategy. When it comes to how and where to invest, air-gapping becomes the last item on […]

File This Under…

File System perspectives from Neil Bannister, head of StorNext file system engineering at Quantum Neil Bannister is head of StorNext Engineering at Quantum with 20 years of experience in file system and data management technologies.  In this new series of blogs, Neil will focus on different technical aspects of the Quantum StorNext file system. For […]

Deciphering Some of the Latest Acronyms in Storage Technology – NVMe, RDMA, and More That You Need to Know!

The technology industry is notable for a variety of reasons. It represents 7 out of the top 10 publicly traded firms ranked by market capitalization. In the past half-century, it is responsible for more of the advancements that have changed the way we live and work than any other industry. And finally, although this may be subjective, there is no other industry that uses more acronyms than ours. I could fill an entire book dedicated to decoding and explaining the myriad acronyms used in technology. However, since I don’t have time to do that, I’ll focus on two that represent some of the hottest technologies in storage today – NVMe and RDMA.

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