Simplifying Recording Infrastructures, Eliminating Downtime with Unified Surveillance Platform 5.0

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The biggest generator of data in the world is video surveillance cameras, and yet many security departments record hundreds and even thousands of cameras to racks and racks of dedicated NVRs. 

This approach is great for smaller scale environments – in fact Quantum offers NVRs and Smart NVRs as part of our portfolio – but this approach starts to break down for larger scale environments. For many of our clients, once they are recording hundreds, and certainly thousands of cameras, they need 50, 100, and in some cases, more than 100 individual NVRs just to handle the camera streams.

This becomes incredibly complex to manage and takes up unnecessary data center space, adding costs and increasing risk of data loss. 

To solve this problem, we introduced the Unified Surveillance Platform (USP) last year, and it has since won numerous industry awards. The USP is a unified compute and storage platform that is ideal for capturing video data from hundreds or thousands of video surveillance cameras so that security departments can simplify their recording infrastructure while reducing data center costs and footprint. 

We are now updating the USP software platform with some key enhancements in version 5.0, including:

  • An enhanced distributed storage layer that improves storage efficiency and failover, specifically designed for the unique requirements of continuously recording streams from hundreds and thousands of cameras.
  • A simplified user experience that makes it easy to manage the entire compute and storage infrastructure from a single console.
  • A simpler, automated deployment model across a wider variety of hardware platforms, giving security integrators more flexibility for where and how they deploy the software.
  • Enhanced monitoring of all aspects of the platform from a single, secure online portal.

Learn more about the Unified Surveillance Platform 5.0 or get a free infrastructure assessment to see how much you can save by replacing racks of NVRs with a modern surveillance platform.

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