IDC Perspective: Why Today’s Unstructured Data Needs a Modern, Flexible Software Solution

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Over the last few years, enterprises have seen a dramatic growth in the amount of data generated, and the pace of this growth has been accelerating. Not only is the amount of data growing, but the type of the data is changing as well. A decade ago, most of the data generated came from databases, often referred to as ‘structured’ data. 

Now, a majority of data is coming from ‘unstructured’ sources, such as video data, files, rich imaging, and artificial intelligence applications. These new types of applications require a modern, high-performance storage platform to manage the data and to extract maximum business value from it. These new storage platforms will need to leverage the latest technologies, such as containers and NVMe storage, for the highest performance, simplicity, and flexibility both on-premises and in the cloud and will need to be much easier to operate. Previous generations of storage systems are cumbersome and complex—never intended to run today’s unstructured data applications– and often require advanced IT skills to manage the system.

Here’s a video from IDC to hear their perspective on the challenges of managing unstructured data and the need for a new type of storage solution. At Quantum, we’re listening to our customers and ready to meet the new era of data and help solve those challenges with modern, flexible software solutions purpose built for unstructured data.

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