Our Customers Have Spoken, and They Value a Specialist.

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A good general rule for marketing is to always keep it focused on the customer—don’t talk about yourself. This blog breaks that rule, and you’ll find out why.

Storage Newsletter recently published this article, which highlights fourth-quarter performance of the enterprise storage market according to IDC. The article notes that the worldwide enterprise storage market was down 7% year on year, with “sales decreasing” for all major traditional storage vendors.

In contrast, based on Quantum’s latest financial results, our revenue in the same quarter was up 4% year on year, with our scale-out storage revenue up 12%. Not only was our scale-out storage revenue up, but our data protection revenue increased year on year—driven by dramatic growth in our enterprise DXi® products, as noted in this press release.

We’re really proud of these results—and there are a lot of factors driving this—but, in the end it’s about customers. Customers have never been more willing to challenge the status quo, looking to specialists like Quantum to help drive down costs and solve the storage problems that the general storage vendors can’t solve.

New innovations—like using SSD technology in our enterprise DXi6900-S, being the first (and only!) enterprise deduplication appliance to use 8TB hard disk drives (HDDs), our new FlexTier™ feature that enables customers to easily tier data to public cloud storage, and our new Scalar® tape platform with the best density in the industry—are just some of the reasons that customers are choosing Quantum.

The financial results just follow that. So, for our customers who are choosing Quantum—thank you!  And for those who haven’t yet, maybe you should see what these results are all about.

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