Out of the Data Center, Onto the Highway.

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Some of the most exciting innovations are happening right now in autonomous vehicle development, and our customers and partners are right in the middle of it. Quantum high-performance scale-out storage enables these researchers and scientists to develop safer and smarter self-driving cars like the ones above.

I’m used to seeing our logo in data centers, but I have to say it is super cool to see the Quantum logo on the side of these self-driving cars, courtesy of our partner AutonomouStuff.

These vehicles have been updated with an autonomous vehicle development platform from AutonomouStuff. The platform includes cameras and sensors with integrated networking, processing, software, and storage. It uses Quantum QXS™ hybrid storage in the car itself to store all the data from track and road testing, and then it uploads (or ingests) the data to the engineering environment for analysis and testing.

With a typical car generating about 20TB of data daily, you can imagine that this type of workflow requires petabytes of data storage very quickly. And that’s where we come in, providing the only end-to-end storage platform that integrates high-performance storage with low-capacity storage, which is ideal for demanding workflows like this.

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