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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]I[/mk_dropcaps]t’s now been two months since a highly rewarding NAB conference, and as the relentless pace of digital transformation in the M&E industry continues to accelerate, Quantum also hasn’t let its proverbial foot off the gas.

We continue to gain new insights by staying right in the thick of all that is happening; listening to our valuable customers, participating at industry conferences and pushing the boundaries of storage innovation internally with our talented engineering teams.

Earlier this month at the CIO Summit in Los Angeles, Quantum had the privilege to introduce one of our most valued and prominent customers in post-production, Cindy McKenzie, CIO at Deluxe Entertainment. Like many of Cindy’s colleagues at the event, the role of the CIO is truly evolving. Today, what used to be the chief information officer is now becoming more of a chief ‘integration’ officer, as these individuals are spending more time on integrating discrete, yet highly complementary, systems and business processes.

Not only has finding the right kind of staff to manage this transition been a challenge, but so too has been finding the right solution that can cost-effectively scale and provide the performance needed as business requirements grow. Cindy highlighted that not only was she successful in unifying several organizations into one, but also that she valued Quantum as a real business partner in helping her manage the ingest of 4 TB of content per day, working in more than 1,300 formats and, ultimately, delivering more than 150,000 assets every month to Deluxe’s customers.

Equally interesting, yet aimed at a distinctly different audience, was the Creative Storage Conference held the very next day just a few miles away. Hot topics from the conference included how new storage technologies, especially those that either help accelerate high-resolution post-production workflows or provide the capacity needed for long-term preservation of media assets, can help address the common challenges post-production faces.

Driving these demands continues to be increased usage of high-resolution formats, especially in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, as well as greatly accelerated timelines to deliver finished content. At the event, Quantum was honored to have a keynote in which we discussed how forming a multi-tier storage environment that can more effectively balance performance and capacity needs was an important pillar in architecting an optimized storage solution.

Internally, our engineering teams have been busy working on the next dot release of StorNext, which we will be announcing later this year, so stay tuned – it will for sure be an exciting second half of 2018.

And until that time, we continue to complement our existing array of tools to help customers make more informed decisions on their particular workflow environments. Specifically, we have new performance testing for our Xcellis Scale-out NAS, which is a great asset to understand how much performance can be provided in an all-IP environment. Also, a handy 4K Reference Architecture Sizing Tool, which can give you a simple and easy way to understand what aggregate performance you may need.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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