Data is the Most Valuable Asset of the Digital Economy — Better Protect it with Xcellis Scale-out NAS

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]T[/mk_dropcaps]he quote “Data is to this century what oil was to the last” is one that profoundly resonates with me. In the early 20th century, it was oil that powered the new machines that reshaped both the world economy and political landscape. Fast-forward to the second decade of the 21st century, and the parallels are readily apparent – data is changing how we work, how we live, and just as importantly, the kinds of products and services organizations we are now bringing to market. And as the power of machine learning and AI unlocks even more of the value stored within data, this trend will only accelerate. So whether you operate a post-production studio, life sciences lab, government agency or geospatial imaging business, you know how vital this data is for running your organization.

It almost goes without saying, losing something so valuable could be catastrophic. So as long as your business relies on data, implementing an effective data protection strategy should be a top priority. One fundamental pillar supporting this strategy needs to be deploying the right storage solution.

To prevent a situation where data is temporarily unavailable or permanently deleted, there are a number of core requirements to consider in determining which storage solution to deploy. The solution should have enterprise-grade data protection capabilities without requiring complicated deployments or complex ongoing management. The solution should be able to protect against malicious threats such as theft, viruses and ransomware. And finally, the solution should protect against accidental events such as user errors, hardware failures and weather disasters.

Quantum Xcellis® Scale-out NAS supports tremendous data growth while providing robust, enterprise-grade data protection. Powered by the Quantum StorNext file system and data management platform, Xcellis offers multi-layered data protection capabilities. It helps bolster data protection across a multi-tier environment that might include object storage, cloud storage and tape archives.

The four key technical capabilities that help Xcellis Scale-out NAS deliver solid data protection include:

  1. FlexTier

FlexTier enables you to easily incorporate object stores and cloud environments into a multi-tier environment centered around Xcellis Scale-out NAS. Through integration with the Xcellis Scale-out NAS policy engine, FlexTier works together with copying and versioning capabilities to protect against a data center disaster or malicious attack: You can easily copy files to off-site tiers and take advantage of versioning to roll back to a pre-attack point in time.

  1. FlexSync

FlexSync is the Xcellis Scale-out NAS asynchronous replication and synchronization engine, which allows you to create local or remote replicas of file system data and metadata. You can protect anything from a single directory to your entire file system. Through integration with StorNext, FlexSync knows when changes are made to protected files and incrementally synchronizes the changes to the destination system. FlexSync is faster and more efficient than other tools.

  1. Alternate Store and Retrieve Location

The Alternate Store Location (ASL) feature enhances the flexibility for protecting data. In addition to employing off-site cloud storage or tape libraries, you have the option of using ASL to automatically copy all or part of a file system from a local Xcellis Scale-out NAS system to a remote system. Alternate Retrieve Location (ARL) then lets you pull copies of files back from the secondary system when needed.

  1. Extended Data Lifecycle Management

Integrating a tape library with your Xcellis Scale-out NAS provides you with a robust and cost-effective way to protect and preserve data over the long term. Extended Data Lifecycle Management (EDLM)—a capability unique to Quantum Scalar® tape libraries—helps ensure data will be available when you need it by periodically testing the tape media to identify any potential problems. You can configure EDLM to generate alerts if errors are found and even automatically transfer files to fresh media.

These are just a few of the ways that Xcellis Scale-out NAS can safeguard your data. Xcellis also supports RAID and dynamic disk pooling (DDP), copying, versioning, checksum capabilities, system backups, erasure encoding, hardware redundancy, vaulting and more. Together, these capabilities help ensure the data at the heart of your organization stays safe and available.

To dig deeper into all these and other critical features designed to protect your most valuable asset, read the white paper, “Self-Protecting Storage: Quantum Xcellis Scale-out NAS.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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