Why Density Matters in your Data Protection Strategy

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Generally speaking, higher density is more desirable – any way you look at it. This is true because more data can be stored in the same physical space. The demands in the data center to retain, secure, and store data to meet compliance requirements is a constant factor. IDC forecasts that by 2025, more than 7 .5 ZB will be stored and dealt with. A good percentage of that data may need to be kept as-long-as forever. When your data center is running out of footprint, what do you do?

Get a high-performing, super dense deduplication appliance.

Choosing the right purpose-built-backup-appliance (PBBA) can be confusing with so many options in the marketplace. While I’m certain the first thing that popped in your mind was, “we can leverage the cloud,” I say that’s great, but certain types of data must be kept on-premise inside the four walls of a data center. This could be data requiring security or special handling, such as trade secrets, customer lists, highest security financial transaction, classified information, just to name a few. Of the data that can leave your four walls and be replicated offsite, it shouldn’t be replicated in its raw format when possible.

A purpose-built backup-appliance does an excellent job, and many vary in its effectiveness. However, they are built to replicate, encrypt, and have full-hardware redundancy, and in some cases, have an integrated path to tape for cold storage. These are some of the standard features, keeping costs low and predictable. (We will get into dedupe ratios in another blog). For now, research states, data will continue to explode. The combination of HDDs + deduplication will excel at reducing costs, and the more effective the data reduction, the lower your TCO will be. Ultimately, that is the goal. An enterprise PBBA will not only give you the performance to meet your RTO/RPO and help you in your drive to zero, but it will be completely compatible with all leading backup software and offer the least disruptive scalability like capacity-on-demand options.

Quantum’s DXi9000 High-Density chassis comes loaded with 12 TB HDDs. This means MORE density footprint + HD chassis and lower power and cooling in enterprise space. DXi9000 is a true enterprise-scale disk backup system. It provides industry leading performance of +37 TB per hour and scales over 20 PB logical capacity all in a 10U!  

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