Crisis Management Strategies for Your Remote Workforce

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We salute all those IT folks working day and night to ensure their organizations continue to be secured and protected while getting ourselves through the current crisis. It is by far one of the most challenging times, but you have pulled us together, so that remote workers can stay connected, secured, and productive for keeping our economies moving forward – after all, we are all in this together.

Racing to Protect Remote Endpoints, Fast

We hit a crisis never seen before and one we are not quite out of it. IT managers all over the world went from zero to 100 mph in 6 seconds because the crisis caught most by surprise and bulldozed right into their data center. Next thing you know, most of your internal customers (employees) had to work remotely, throwing your finely tuned tools and processes off-track. IT managers now had to ensure the laptops assigned to employees were secure and all those endpoints and company data leaving the comfort and security of their four-walls were protected. Needless to say, security and data protection shot straight up to the top of the list of priorities and procedures to implement.

Crisis Management Strategies Rolled Up into One Guidebook

This brings me to the reason why we created this guidebook titled, “IT Manager’s Guidebook – Essential Strategies for Data Protection and Business Continuity in Times of Crisis.” It was designed with you in mind because we know when things go off-the-rails, sometimes going back to the basics is the most crucial step for not only recovery and protection, but for mitigating risk as well.

Strategies and Resources for Planning and Being Prepared

We took some of the most important topics that are top-of-mind and rolled them up into one neat handbook to help guide you while you are being pressed to do more with less. We understand you immediately jumped to a reactionary mode to enable your remote workers to do their jobs effectively from home. Ensuring you have the required resources, security/data protection, and cloud services in place to facilitate worker productivity is a monumental ask. We tried to make things easy for you to help you prepare for situations like these since our new normal is essentially planning and preparing for crisis as they arise.

In this guidebook, you will find topics related to what you as IT managers are going through. Topics range from:

Get the IT Manager’s Guidebook Now

We hope you take a moment to review the guidebook – download the IT Manager’s Guidebook.

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  1. IT Manager’s Guidebook is very well put together and the blog article is a good read on strategies for crisis management!

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