Quantum Leads End-user Survey for Secondary Storage

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In the most recent end-user survey from Coldago Research, Quantum leads all vendors as the top brand for secondary storage.  Coldago’s April 2021 report surveyed over 2,000 end-users across SMB and enterprises about their brand preferences on a wide range of storage types and applications.  In secondary storage, Quantum is the leading brand. 

With the growth in secondary storage including object storage, Quantum offers a wide range of products to serve our customer’s needs.  These market segments are poised for growth.  According to IDC “Object storage accounts for the largest part of the public cloud storage market and continued to experience significant growth (31% in 2019)[1].  With that level of growth, customers need a wide portfolio of secondary storage products. 

End User Survey, Top US/EMEA brands for Secondary Storage

“Coldago Research unveils its end-users survey 2021 addressing perceptions, opinions, needs and priorities. We also asked users’ to rank vendors in various categories and for secondary storage, Quantum arrives 1st both in USA and Europe confirming the corporate and product strategy initiated a few years ago with new products, technology developments, acquisitions and talent recruitments that started to pay off”, said Philippe Nicolas, analyst at Coldago Research. “As a pioneer of secondary storage, Quantum continues to offer large, diverse and broad offerings targeting from small configurations to very large-scale environments, whatever is the technology, storage media, architecture and access methods making their solutions a real universal, unified and ubiquitous approach”, concludes Nicolas.

At Quantum, we’re pleased with the recognition that IT professionals have bestowed in this survey.  Over the last few years, we’ve made numerous improvements to our entire portfolio.  Here’s just a quick summary:

  • ActiveScale object storage – Multiple new releases that provide object locking, small object aggregation, and advanced troubleshooting.  New hardware included the P100E3 3-node platform for smaller customers and the new X200 platform for more performance and scale. 
  • Scalar tape – Introduction of multi-factor authentication builds upon the value of Active Vault, a feature available only in Quantum’s Scalar tape libraries to secure critical off-line data against ransomware attacks. The new feature makes unauthorized access extremely difficult, and underscores Quantum’s commitment to innovation for preserving and protecting valuable customer data.
  • DXi backup appliancesNew features include Secure Snapshots and others in collaboration with Veeam, including multi-tiered backup and replication to Quantum DXi appliances, across sites, to the cloud and to Scalar tape libraries.

“The Coldago report demonstrates strong customer satisfaction across the full line of Quantum’s secondary storage products,” said Bruno Hald, Quantum’s GM for Secondary storage. “We are a customer-driven organization and have delivered a series of innovation for a full range of customers, from SMB, larger enterprises, and to our hyperscale customers.  We look forward to providing them with additional products and services to improve their bottom line”. 

[1] Source:  IDC report, Cold Storage Services in the Public Cloud IaaS Market, #WC2020087, Sept 1, 2020

Learn more at https://www.coldago.com/ and read the source report: https://www.coldago.net/eusurvey

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