Deduplication Storage for Protecting and Recovering Your Data: Not Just for Big Corporations

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Data deduplication represents an almost $4.5 Billion growing market. When Quantum acquired the first patent on variable-length deduplication in 2006, it was the latest and greatest technology and something only corporate giants could afford. But a decade and a half later, it no longer gets a lot of press or attention, but it’s still necessary and still widely used by the largest companies on the planet.

Deduplication is a no brainer: Why buy 20 disks when you could buy 1? It saves on disk, server capacity, power usage, space – everything. And while deduplication used to be bleeding edge technology only affordable to big corporations, it’s now a mature technology available to any size company – or individual by download. So once again, who wouldn’t want to buy less disk and spend less money? With corporate quality backup products and storage now available for free, is there any excuse not to protect your systems?

You know you must back up your data. And the question is not whether you should deduplicate backups, but rather how. Individual backup products often offer deduplication, but they may charge for it and only deduplicate their own data – and in a much less efficient way than appliances like Quantum’s DXi. The DXi appliance uses a more efficient “variable length” deduplication algorithm and is a storehouse for all kinds of data from any source with all of it deduplicated together. Usually at a 20:1 or greater ratio (deduplication rates vary, but most customers see between 10:1 and 30:1 rates).

New Virtual DXi V5000 Backup Appliance

The new DXi V5000, along with the DXi V5000 Community Edition, make it easier than ever to download and use Quantum DXi deduplication technology. This new offering is ideally suited for data protection at remote sites, edge environments, and for small businesses looking to efficiently back up and protect their critical data. The DXi V5000 has the same features and capabilities of a physical DXi appliance, deployed as a virtual machine.  A common use case is using the DXi V5000 as a virtual backup appliance at a remote site, then replicating deduplicated data to a core data center so that organizations can protect their data across sites, and between edge and core. In addition, along with the DXi V5000, we also announced the DXi V5000 Community Edition.

Announcing DXi V5000 Community Edition with 5 TB of Free Storage

As part of the rollout of the DXi V5000 – the newest member of the 15-year-old DXi family – Quantum is offering a free-forever virtual DXi to anyone. All you need is basic computer hardware with 1 – 5 TB of disk and Quantum will provide the software to store data for no charge. If you want to upgrade, you can buy a license to extend your DXi to 256 TB of storage and add on top-quality Quantum support.

DXi V5000 Download Requirements

To download and use the virtual DXi, all you need is an X86-64 computer with 2 CPU cores, 4 GB of memory, and anywhere from 200 GB to 5.1 TB of disk (scale it to the disk however you want and increase capacity later when you need it). DXi is downloadable as a .iso or a .ova file, and easily installs in Hyper-V, VMware or KVM. Linux with KVM is a good option and is both downloadable and free (never used Linux? There are plenty of YouTube videos to guide you through the install and configuration process). 

Once you get your DXi V5000 up and running, you have more than just a deduplicating storage device, you have a full powered DXi. You can setup other V5000s and replicate between them with intelligent, secure replication that only transfers changed data – saving on bandwidth. You can use the features of DXi to secure backups against ransomware, keep point-in-time snapshot images of data without wasting disk space, and restore anything at any time – as easy as if you just copied to a big NAS system.

And you can use a DXi with Windows Backup and Restore (free on any Windows system) or Veeam’s “Free Forever for 10 workloads” community version and you’ve got a corporate level backup system – for free. If you already use a backup technology like NetBackup or Veeam, DXi is integrated to work with all the major backup products. And all DXi features are included with the Community Edition of the DXi V5000.

Get Started: Download the DXi V5000 Community Edition

Here are some links to get you started. Quantum’s DXi V5000 Community Edition is available from here. Community support, videos on install and configuration, and other helpful subjects are available in Quantum’s ForumV Community page.

So, whether you manage a big or small computer environment, can you afford not to use professional-level products like these to protect your data?

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