Beefing Up the Mid-Range – Introducing the ActiveScale P200 Platform

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With the addition of the new mid-range ActiveScale P200, we have completed the platform refresh across the entire ActiveScale portfolio, providing significantly enhanced performance and density across all price points. To meet the increasing need for object storage, ActiveScale cost-effectively scales from terabytes to exabytes and is the only object storage platform architected for both active and cold data.

The ActiveScale P200 Object Storage Platform

The P200 – Start Small, Grow Big

The P200 is our new mid-range solution, based on a simple, converged architecture that consolidates computing, networking, and storage into a simple 3U building block for easy deployment and expansion. The ActiveScale P200 easily grows by adding multiple P200s together for unlimited scalability of capacity, performance, and object count to start small and grow big. Even as a 3U 3-node configuration, the P200 packs a lot of power in a dense package. Compared to the ActiveScale P100, on a per rack basis, the P200 provides:

  • 1.9X more capacity
  • 2.4X greater PUT performance
  • 2.7X greater GET performance
  • 6.25X more objects

In a 36U rack, a 12-node P200 scale-out cluster packs a lot of punch:

  • 7.8 petabytes of Active Class storage
  • 15 billion objects
  • Measured performance up to 37.8 GB/sec GETs and 31.9 GB/sec PUTs

The P200 replaces the P100 in the ActiveScale product line. But rest assured, no man (or node) gets left behind. Existing P100 customers preserve their pre-existing investment in P100s with the ability to expand their P100 clusters with P200 platforms, not only maximizing their investments in P100, but also capitalizing on new levels of capability and density of the P200.

The Foundation for the Next Evolution in Object Storage

In addition to being a powerful platform for any object storage need, the P200 is an ideal choice upon which to build your unstructured data management strategy. Undoubtedly, data is well recognized today as a strategic asset. Entire industries are digitally transforming with the opportunity to extract significant value from a wide variety of digital data sources. Whether you are producing petabytes of data through gene sequencing, satellites, user activities, or market data, the need to store, analyze, protect, and archive, more and more data is growing unabated.

As the only object storage platform that supports Active and Cold Storage Classes, the P200 allows you to keep more data at lower cost and access that data whenever you need to without expensive fees or complex recovery procedures.

ActiveScale P200 3GEO with Active and Cold Data

Self-protecting and disaster-tolerant expansion at up to 80% less cost using ActiveScale Cold Storage

The requirements for the next generation of massive data stores are not only that they be self-protecting and disaster-tolerant, but also that they scale cost-effectively. P200 meets this need as a powerful disaster-tolerant solution through its ability to deploy across multiple data centers with full redundancy and non-stop access even in the case of a site failure. Using three P200s, a petabyte scale cluster can be geospread across three data centers.

As data needs grow, requirements may be met by adding P200’s for active data. But moreover, as content ages, many organizations are best served by adding cold data resources at lower cost, by deploying ActiveScale cold storage, based on Two Dimensional Erasure Coding (2D EC) and the Quantum RAIL architecture. By adding just one tape library at each site, long term cold storage costs can be reduced by up to 80%.

A Powerful Platform Portfolio

The addition of the ActiveScale P200 platform completes an aggressive plan to upgrade the entire ActiveScale portfolio based on a common converged architecture. With scalability from terabytes to exabytes, ActiveScale meets the need for simple, secure, protected data platforms for backup, recovery, and content management in small commercial enterprises to the unstructured data needs of the most demanding and complex IT environments. ActiveScale provides scalable, cost effective, no compromise solutions to meet the growing demand to extract more value from these growing data stores.

ActiveScale Object Storage Platform Portfolio

For more information, you can download the ActiveScale datasheet here.  


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