Expanding Quantum Support for the Veritas OST API, and Another Feature to Strengthen Cybersecurity

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This week we introduced another feature in our secondary storage products to help strengthen data protection and cybersecurity.

Our latest DXi software, DXi 4.5.2, is now available for download and introduces support for Veritas OST WORM.  As a brief background, Veritas Open Storage Technology, or “OST”, is an API that allows NetBackup Media Servers to take advantage of intelligent disk devices. 

Quantum DXi backup appliances were among the first appliances to support OST, and over the years we’ve added support for key OST features like optimized deduplication, AIR, and now OST WORM.

OST Write Once Read Many (“WORM”) is an OST feature that makes a backup image immutable.  Here’s how it works with Quantum DXi Backup Appliances:

So why do you care about all of these acronyms?   Because this is another, simple way that you can strengthen your data protection approaches, and your cybersecurity, by using this Veritas and Quantum combined solution.

If you are a Veritas NetBackup or BackupExec user, and whether you are a Quantum DXi customer or not, consider deploying DXi systems as part of your backup infrastructure.  To learn more about our DXi systems, go here

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