Quantum Recognized as an Object Storage Innovation Leader by GigaOm

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Object storage has a long history as an ideal platform for secondary storage use cases. Now, with the recent frenzy around all-flash object stores for primary storage use cases, the need for continued innovation in object storage scalability and storage economics to match the continued onslaught of digital data growth has been amazingly ignored with little coverage. Gigaom is the first major IT analyst firm to recognize this need as demonstrated by their research and recent release of the GigaOm Sonar Object Storage on Tape Report.

This forward-looking report evaluates vendors with solutions to store and access massive amounts of cold storage in the most cost-effective manner possible. GigaOm recognized Quantum as the leading vendor, reflective of recent ActiveScale innovations in multi-dimensional erasure coding, RAIL architectures, as-a-Service solutions, and support of both active and cold data classes. We are very proud of this leader designation in the GigaOm report and wanted to share some thoughts on how we’ll continue to innovate going forward.


First, let’s cover this new report from GigaOm. GigaOm created the Sonar report to address the emerging market and growing need to store large datasets for much longer periods of time, at affordable costs, in a way that is accessible when needed. However, storing these large datasets on primary storage is challenging; not only are storage acquisition costs too high, but the ongoing power required to store so much data, drives up operating costs and challenges local power grids. Quantum is already a leading cold storage supplier to many of the world’s largest hyperscalers—in fact, 5 of the top 5 hyperscalers in the world rely on Quantum solutions, and we have developed a series of innovations and products to help them solve similar problems.

Quantum ActiveScale™ Cold Storage is a new class of object storage that provides secure, highly durable, and extremely low-cost storage for archiving of your cold data. It enables any organization generating petabytes of data to deploy S3 Glacier Class storage within their own data center, colocation facility, or hosted IT environment. The entire system can be deployed however a customer wants – in the customer’s data center, colocation or hosted IT environment, either as a capital acquisition or as a fully managed service. 


Beyond object storage on tape, we are also being recognized for other innovations that reflect Quantum’s leadership in our key markets. For our tape products, we have continuously developed new features to enhance overall security and give greater protection against ransomware attacks. This includes Ransom Block, which provides the ultimate air gap for tape storage to protect against rogue attackers. With Ransom Block, tapes are physically protected within a tape library, so that the only way a hacker can access the data is with a physical break-in of the data center. Tapes are highly protected and remain on-site, providing the fastest data recovery from an attack available in the market today – another example of continued innovation and leadership.  In closing, we are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in GigaOm’s Sonar Object Storage on Tape Report. We will continue to bring new innovations to the market for object storage, tape solutions, and across our entire portfolio. Organizations across a wide number of industries and use cases all struggle to effectively manage, protect, and extract value from the petabytes to exabytes of data they continue to accumulate. With these recent innovations we have brought to market, we’re making this challenge dramatically easier and will continue to innovate in support of our customers. To view the full GigaOm Sonar Report, click here.

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