Simple, Agile Collaborative Video Editing in the Cloud – StorNext Now Available on AWS

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Many organizations have looked at integrating cloud services for individual production workflow steps – yet, building a truly collaborative environment for remote and hybrid teams without copying files back and forth has proven difficult and costly.

Now, we give you StorNext–the leading high-performance shared storage file system–on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, and available as a subscription in the AWS Marketplace. It makes it faster and simpler for you to launch an entire shared storage environment on demand that’s ready to use in minutes, enabling simple remote access for collaborative video editing in the cloud.

AWS Marketplace is one of the fastest ways to deploy StorNext shared storage and lets your content teams connect from any location to edit video in the cloud as a team. You can speed up post-production workflows by accessing data and collaborating remotely, eliminating the need to copy or transfer files between users.

It’s a powerful new tool to help augment and amplify the work of your physical StorNext deployments with a hybrid on-site and cloud solution, and part of your evolving, increasingly global content production strategy.

Here are some of the key benefits to building an agile workflow powered by StorNext on AWS:

Launch your environment when you need it, spin it down when you don’t. Choose your configuration and amount of storage needed and launch it within the AWS management console. Your users can access the new shared storage in minutes.

Users can access data and collaborate from anywhere with no need to copy files between users. Since there’s no specialized connector or physical access needed, users can connect to their team’s shared storage from anywhere they happen to be—on location, in the field, or at home—yet still have the full StorNext managed, shared storage service as if they were working together in the same facility.

Works seamlessly for users and applications expecting a file and folder interface. StorNext on AWS is StorNext, so users can browse and manage files together in a familiar files and folders interface to speed and organize your team’s work.

Use powerful StorNext services to extend and unite your workflows. Move raw content in—and finished content out—of your StorNext in the cloud instance with powerful file movement and orchestration tools FlexSync and FlexTier as part of your evolving content production and management operations.

Learn more about StorNext on AWS

Visit our StorNext on AWS webpage, read the Solution Brief, or go directly to the StorNext on AWS Marketplace page.

Join us for our upcoming webinar with AWS on September 22nd (or watch on-demand thereafter) to dive into more detail on the solution and see workflow examples of how you can use it.

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