The Role of Tape in Tomorrow’s Data Center

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It’s always nice to see objective, fact-based articles to help users make the right buying decisions. This article published recently by Storage Switzerland has some great facts about how to compare tape to other storage technologies in terms of data integrity, bandwidth, and even cost considerations.

The position of Storage Switzerland is similar to Quantum’s perspective on the role of tape, particularly for very large-scale unstructured data storage. In fact, it reminded me of an analysis that we did, and shared, when we announced our latest Scalar® tape products last fall. I’ll be spending some time in the next few weeks talking about this analysis.

As I’ve shared this slide with analysts, partners, and end users, I’ve received a consistent, positive response, but also a lot of questions about the underlying assumptions. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be “double-clicking” on each one of these to explain our assumptions and provide potential buyers with the best possible information.For this blog post, I just want to highlight and reinforce a couple of things based on some of the insights from the Storage Switzerland article:

  • Quantum offers all of the storage technologies shown above. So, like Storage Switzerland, we can be neutral and agnostic. We believe the best solution for large-scale unstructured data storage requires multiple tiers of storage for different reasons and for different use cases.
  • Like Storage Switzerland, we also believe that tape will play a role in large-scale unstructured data storage based on the cost savings it provides relative to the other storage technologies.

So stay tuned in the coming weeks as we compare the total cost of ownership considerations for all of these storage options.

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