Deduplication is Key to Protecting and Reducing Data in the Zettabyte Age

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The digital transformation ‘future’ is here. We’re creating more data than ever before with data trending to be near the double-digit zettabyte zone by 2025. It’s important to take steps now to address the deluge of data.

One of the most effective ways to take control is to deduplicate all that is redundant and only store unique data sets. Harnessing the power of deduplication is a crucial step that needs to be implemented in an organization’s backup strategy. Data will not only be protected but the decreased total cost of ownership to be realized will be very rewarding. 

ESG Validation Report: How DXi9000 Addresses the Data Challenge
Let me start off by re-stating a few words about Tony Palmer, ESG’s Senior Validation Analyst. Tony Palmer has seen the evolution of the DXi series backup appliances with successive innovations in performance, deduplication, replication, data availability, scalability, and encryption. He’s been a witness to all the challenges and the rewards. When we launched DXi9000, it was only a matter of time before it would come under Tony’s sharp eye, expertise, and scrutiny. We’re excited to have him back again where he recently examined our new and improved DXi9000 with 12TB HDDs and a host of other features.

In Tony’s ESG Technical Validation Report, published October 2019, we learned the following:

  • The DXi9000 can sustain more than 38.4TB per hour—with DXi Accent.
  • In ESG testing, the Quantum DXi variable-length deduplication provided 85% data reduction for both structured and unstructured data.
  • ESG validated the pay-as-you-grow scalability of the DXi platform. With it, organizations can scale to 1.02PB of usable capacity—up to 20PB of logical capacity with deduplication.
  • All of the above in a 10U Rack? Nobody can beat that!

Additionally, we know that strengthening cybersecurity is a top IT priority for 2019. One of the cool features about DXi is its native capability to write to tape. With all the data we need to deal with, tape suddenly becomes very attractive both in capacity and shelf life. Think cold storage!

In the review, ESG demonstrated that the DXi platform can be configured for a wide range of data protection requirements and over the last 12 years, ESG has observed continuous improvements in every area of efficiency they’ve examined in the DXi Series. You can download the full report here.

Webinar: ESG Analyst Validation Results – Thursday, Nov 21
I invite you to join us for a webinar (Nov 21 @ 1PM EST) that we are co-hosting with ESG, where we’ll discuss the DXi9000 test results and capabilities in the ESG Technical Validation Report for Quantum’s DXi9000.

Sign up for the ESG Webinar here.

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