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Wondering about the role object storage plays in managing unstructured data, and when it’s the best option?  We have several new articles covering this, and more, in this week’s Top 5 happenings. 

1. published a new article, “The Cost and Value of Object Storage.” Object stores have long found a home in the cloud and inside data centers as long-term repositories for high-value data, but with demand for storage capacity growing daily, can you reap the benefits of object stores within budget?  In this new coverage, Quantum’s Technical Director, Matt Dewey, answers this and discusses the critical role object storage can play in managing unstructured data growth.

2. Another good read, and follow on, from Matt can be found on Continuity Central. Unstructured data is proliferating, creating both compliance and recovery risks. Matt explains why object storage is a promising option to help deal with this issue, and covers how to leverage data cataloging and management as the keys to success in “Addressing the risks related to unstructured data through the use of object stores.”

3. In this new blog, “Blocks, Files, Objects: What is Right for Your Application?” Rob Renzoni, Sr. Director Technical Sales at Quantum, points out how storage administrators have many storage-format options to choose from, such as block, object, file, and NAS. Making the right choice when selecting which format will best serve your organization’s data and workflow needs is critical to overall success. A poor choice can lead to data and application services delays, inflated costs, lack of scalability, complex management frameworks, and a host of other issues. He digs into some of the format options and what workflows they are best suited for.

4. I grew up watching Sir David Attenborough, and his inspiring coverage of our natural world. If you ever need a reminder of how amazing and beautiful the world we live in is, tune in to one of his shows! So I was excited to learn about the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) in this newly published case study. BAS enables international scientists to conduct world-leading research in the Earth’s polar regions. Quantum Scalar tape libraries allow researchers to protect large volumes of critical research data while their ship – the RRS Sir David Attenborough – is at sea. Once each research trip ends, the IT team transports the high-capacity tapes back to the data center in England, where the organization makes the data available to a broad scientific community. I love knowing we’re a part of such incredible work!

5. We have big product news coming soon – in fact, three big pieces of product news, because they say the best things come in threes!  Register here for our upcoming VirtualQ | Transform event, on Thursday, November 19th, where we will be showcasing these new solutions, and more, in three tracks:

Data Management: The Need for Insights, Automation, and Visualization

Accelerate Time to Insights: The Future of StorNext and High-Performance Computing

Protect and Preserve: Assuring Data Accessibility Today and Into the Future

Leave a comment if there are topics you’d like to see added to our weekly top 5 happenings!



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