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Welcome to another entry of our top 5 highlights in ‘This Week at the Q’. It’s always fun to look back on the week and realize how much happened!

  1. What great news that Quantum ActiveScaleTM object storage automatically complies with the new strong consistency requirements with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) applications. We made a conscious decision to design ActiveScale with data integrity and durability at its core, so strong consistency has always been one of the platform’s key capabilities. Read more in our press release here.

2. We really enjoyed being part of Tech Field Day on December 9th! This event brought together a great group of technical experts across the industry to explore the technology underpinnings of our ActiveScale object storage for private cloud. You can listen to the sessions on the Quantum Presents page on the Tech Field Day website.

3. The “Challenges of Long-Term Archiving,” published in BroadcastTech, outlines the long-term challenges of looking after irreplaceable content. One of the biggest issues that organizations face is protecting and maximizing valuable content, like the first Star Wars film or the Super Bowl. The article highlights the need for an intelligent and highly secure long-term storage infrastructure. Read more in BroadcastTech.

4. Another great article was published this week as part of the Post Magazine ‘Outlook’ series, “Long-Term Archiving & Remote Production will be Critical.” Read more in Post for more on these two important and growing trends as we enter 2021.

5. Our DXi9100 launched this week! This new appliance offers efficiency for enterprise backup storage, with less footprint than other solutions, ultra-fast performance, and the ability to protect PBs of data. The DXi9100 also provides an extra layer of security to protect against data breaches using industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption with Self-Encrypting Drives, also applied to data-in-flight. Learn more in this new DXi9100 blog.

Leave a comment if there are topics you’d like to see added to our weekly top 5 happenings!



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