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We can’t walk the red carpet because… 2020… but ‘This Week at the Q’ we had a blast accepting our Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award virtually! We also have updates to help manage and gain insights from machine-generated data, improve cloud content accessibility, and guidance on the new ransomware advisory from the U.S. Department of Treasury.

1. Our CEO, Jamie Lerner, sat down with CRN’s Joe Kovar to talk all things Quantum! Take a look at the modern Quantum in ‘CEO Jamie Lerner on Quantum’s NVMe, Edge Computing Focus,’ including a sneak peek at StorNext 7!

2. And following that sneak peek at our next-gen StorNext, we were thrilled to find out this week that our current StorNext 6.4 won a 2020 NAB Show Product of the Year Award! StorNext 6.4 is all about delivering greater flexibility for customers, enabling hybrid- and multi-cloud storage use cases. In addition, it offers improved read/write performance for cloud and object store, and includes StorNext Dynamic Library Pooling allowing multiple libraries for redundancy enhancements, and AWS Glacier archive service support. Learn more here.

3. More than 44 exabytes of machine-generated data is created every day, and with the right tools it can provide valuable insights for intelligent decision making, innovation and business growth. The best-known tool for analyzing this machine data is Splunk. But if you’re generating terabytes of machine data every day, it can be difficult to maintain a year or even 6 months’ worth of data before traditional storage infrastructures run out of space.  Quantum’s ActiveScale object storage enables Splunk users to scale storage infrastructures independently from compute, allowing you to add petabytes of storage to your Splunk environment without adding a single indexer. Learn how to gain vital competitive advantage in this new solution brief.

4. Making ransomware payments is now a national security issue, based on a new advisory recently issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury. You can reduce your risk of violating Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations by protecting your network in layers with a true air-gapped copy of your organization’s data.  Learn more in this new blog, “Thinking of Paying Ransomware Hackers? You May Face Sanctions.”

5. That’s right – that’s an Emmy! Our amazing Engineering team was recognized for their data management innovation. The Technology & Engineering Emmy Award was the first Emmy Award issued in 1949 and it laid the groundwork for all the other Emmys to come. We’re honored to be recognized by National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) for our contributions in this vibrant industry. We may not be able walk the red carpet while we physically distance, but we still had a blast with our virtual acceptance!

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